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La Serena and Valle Nevado — Comparison weather

Comparison weather
Learn where is warmer and colder where in any month of the year. Compare the day and night temperature, water temperature and precipitation. Where the sun shines longer, and where the rains.

You have chosen to compare the two cities:

La Serena (Chile)
Valle Nevado (Chile)
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Comparison of daily temperature
Comparison night temperature
Comparing the temperature of the water
Comparison of precipitation
La Serena and Valle Nevado Comparison seasons
Most sunny months
La Serena
Valle Nevado
January 31 day
December 30 days
March 30 days
March 29 days
January 28 days
December 28 days
The warmest months
February 26.5 °C
March 25.6 °C
January 25.4 °C
January 14.5 °C
February 13.7 °C
December 12.3 °C
The warmest water (sea, ocean)
February 18 °C
January 17.7 °C
March 16.9 °C
The coldest months
July 19 °C
August 19.6 °C
June 20 °C
July -0.1 °C
June 0.8 °C
August 1.3 °C
Rainiest months
July 1 day
May 1 day
June 1 day
January 4 days
February 4 days
November 3 days
Most windy months
December 12 km / h
November 11.6 km / h
January 11.6 km / h
October 10.9 km / h
December 10.8 km / h
September 10.6 km / h
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