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Guanaja — best time to travel, season

Best time to visit Guanaja?
Planning your trip (vacation)? But you do not know when it's better to go to Guanaja?

See detailed information about the weather for months, favorable and unfavorable periods to visit this city (resort).

Find out when the holiday season begins now!
Most sunny months
May 23 days
August 22 days
April 22 days
The warmest months
August 31.1 °C
September 31 °C
July 30.7 °C
The warmest water (sea, ocean)
September 29.5 °C
October 29.4 °C
August 29 °C
The coldest months
January 27.4 °C
February 27.8 °C
December 28.3 °C
Rainiest months
October 20 days
November 18 days
December 16 days
Most windy months
June 27.5 km / h
July 27.4 km / h
May 24.7 km / h
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